Sunday, February 03, 2008
// a fresh new start.

Thursday, January 24, 2008
// blithed. :D

weeeeee. i finally found it! *hops around*

few weeks back, i passed by one of the CD shops @ marina square.. and suddenly found maself so unconsiously allured to the beauty of this female singer's voice.. *-*

but bcos time din allowed, i gave it a miss. and sorta regretted abt it in the end. ): wee. thankfully, after much undyin effort, i found out who she was today!

and also the title of the track! "sometimes when we touch." ^-^b

she's olivia ong, singaporean artiste who was talented-scouted by some japanese producers and then given the opportunity to fly over to japan for trainin. only 22 this yr. haha. pretty hard for me to believe she's singaporean tho. her mandrain sounded really weird, really like native japanese tryin to speak mandrain.. lol.

oh wells, but i love her voice still!

those who like bossa nova music, you'll prolly like her tooooo. (x

>> ppl often confuse olivia w emi fujita. (:
Wednesday, January 23, 2008
// long day.

it was a longgg day @ work over at the dental side today. ):

but well, still much better than stayin at home rotting.

gonna post random photos for nowwww. finally got time off to arrange the uncountable number of photos i have. the ones taken w ben's cam are just so huge! and ma lappie was laggin like madness. thats explains why it was so time consuming!

grp shot.

jingyi's damn cutteee. (x

erm. i forgot her name, but she's one of ma student's younger sis.

good-lookin weisiang hates to tk photos; took this without him knowing.

aiya too many photos lah. i think i will be uploadin some to facebook.

its sad that things turned out to be this way. but no matter what, pls be strong. God's always there for you, and me too. *hugs* (:

God's faithfulness..
Friday, January 18, 2008
// random.

gosh. i just had a strong urge to blog this down.

nt tryin to be offensive, but i kept seein this repeatedly. SP's advertisin for themselves over msnwindows this time. i remembered that NP did this too while i was still schoolin @ TP back then.

SP's taglines sounded awkwardly strange to me;

"want to go university?"
"your first choice polytechnic, JOIN US!"

lol. ma immediate response: =.="

hey i mean you're spendin bucks to advertise over "hip" mediums to attract your target audience. shldnt the content be just as important and enticin as well? personally, i feel advertisements speak alot abt a brand!

ma verdict? i think SP's expertise, is afterall, still in engineering. (its proven they cant do good marketing..)

okay maybe i jus said smthg to make SP-ians angry. but thats not ma point. advertisements need critic to improve! (:

so on the other hand, while TP's forte MAY not be engineering.. i honestly think we have the most zai design sch and business sch ard. :D but somehow, we just gotta admit TP doesnt sell itself this way, we're one BIGGGGG family, regardless of whichever faculty.

the choice is obvious: TP. (:


i just went to meet future boss today. and im actually goin to start work even before cny!

the studio's pretty cool tho. man. im so excited abt gettin started. i hope i get along well w her.. yes yes. so ppl who are interested in photoshoots or the most basic like, passport photo. come find me! :D

i promise to make you look your best. (x

>> gsf: noah's ark. rainbow. God's promise to His people.
Thursday, January 10, 2008
// bento craze is back?

met up w dasao today. (the reason why i love thursdays :D woohoo!) and im feelin accomplished today cuz i think we found mum the most suitable present! (X

so anyway!

quite some time ago, i got pretty crazy over kawaii bento in japan. spent free time surfin ard, collectin all the images of kawaii bento i could possibly find.

well, the idea of these cuteeee bentos actually came from japanese mums. (oh man, they're the greatest.) we know how fussy most kids are when it comes to food, what more about nutritious food! so, in order to encourage japanese kids to eat proper in school, japanese mums inserted some meticulously creative ideas into their child's bento lunch!

woohoo anyhow, dasao and i happened to passby this japanese "self-service" eating place, located at far east plaza, jus beside kfc. seein the place alone made me changed ma mind about havin subway for lunch. the whole place is damn spacious, and not to mention, CUTE. (the excessively overused word in ma own dictionary /: )

the concept of "self service" there is; place your orders and pay via this touch-screen machine. theres only one floor staff there, to help change smaller notes and pass down your order (printed on receipt) to the chef.

photo time! i din really dare to take photos of the place openly. cuz there was this guy, whom i think is the boss, seated at the corner observin, prolly the crowd and its response.

the signboard outside. :D i wonder jia's thinkin what im thinkin. OUR FAV MOGUMOGU DRINK!

wakao. i was practically ecstatic can.

lol. cheekychick's the dishname.

havin fun w cheekychick. X)

food quality wise.. prolly not the best you've tasted, but its not that bad either. value-for-money wouldnt be exactly appropriate for mogumogu's case. oh well, you all know zumi wont care. she's easily lost in cuteness.

so much so she made sure that she took enough pictures, and scrutinized the bento enough before decidin to eat the chick. lol.

pls lor, its a cruel thing to eat cute stuff.

>> HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY. i love you. :)
Monday, January 07, 2008
// eyes fixed; on Him.

1 Corinthians 4:5

Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait till the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of men's hearts. At that time each will receive his praise from God.

for the things we do, we're accountable to God, not man.


woo! it was a tirin sunday. helped out w tommy for his fyp shoot; a crazy 9hrs of filmin. and still quite a stretch more to completion. but jiayou tommy (and all designers!), you guys can do it! for now, just let the photos do all the talkin:

its a tirin and v tedious job man; these ppl won ma admiration. tsk.

oh man. dont you agree caleb is just super ahpeh?

abby; ma tamago!

i really enjoyed a great deal workin w them. (:


a random collage:

hee. simple things that make me smile.

oh yes, the carebear was from ma dad. hahaha. and the greentea icecream from ajiteh totally rawks. if you're thinkin, "hey those characters on the candy package look familiar~"... bingo! they're the adorable tamagochi characters! (:

>> God is often not early, but He is never late. in year 2008, i've gotta learn this impt homework of: patience, waitin on for God's time and guidance.
Wednesday, January 02, 2008
// blessed 2008!

hello everyone. its 2nd jan! most of you should back to work or school! hope you guys are feeling totally recharged for the new 2008! since its really foolish and pointless to start off a new year w great lethargy, right? (:

as for me, i dont have a habit of writin down resolutions. and i do have dreams and hopes, but i keep them w God. because im quite sure ma memory will fail me.

im outta job now! so its recuperation period for me!

takin the weight off your feet, onto your favorite couch, holdin a good book and enjoyin the mornin breeze.. and thats really spiritual and physical rejuvenation!

besides that, im just busy w cleanin and repackin ma room. ma poor nose has been sufferin the most.

anyway, here are some recent photos from last yr. thanks ben!

ghf/gsf outin to Sentosa:

the youths. (the 4D show was great man! and yes i shouted alot tog w the kids. /: )

christmas 2007:

playin ard w ben's cam. this photo really cracked me up. apparently, lil yibin was curious why teacher carlene wears funny thing on her legs.

all smiles. (:

the ex colleagues and kids from praise.

ONE in the bond of LOVE. (:

christmas eve; gift exchange.

took me manymany hrs to complete all these. but the effort was worth it. (:

totally random. a photo of a piano miniature from chinting and ma fav swarovski crystal brooch, which i rarely use. :P

>> a NEW wineskin from God. the old has gone, the new has come. (: